Portico House , 2020

The house design is based on a rectangular volume where the plumbing facilities are grouped at one end and each space opens onto a portico or patio to provide shade and cross ventilation to all areas. Circulations do not take up space from the house, instead the portico becomes a hallway promoting a freer use of each space on the house.

This project gives great relevance to open spaces and favors the easy growth of the house towards the end of the portico without having to modify anything in the project.

Facilities are solved in a compact way, all towards the same wet wall just below the tank. The constructive solution is proposed to achieve great efficiency and economy.

By having a single rectangular volume of 10 meters wide by 5.20 meters, the house can be developed at a very narrow plot and can be adapted according to the ideal orientation in each case. The gabled roof allows to avoid humidity problems while it provides very good shade to interiors.