Text in Yuri Zagorín: ZD + A
Mexico, Arquine (Bilingual Edition), 2015
Text in Yuri Zagorín: ZD + A Mexico, Arquine (Bilingual Edition) , 2015

The work of Yuri Zagorin is concerned with integrating profitability and cost ef fi ciency in his projects, as well as taking care of the constructive details to achieve quality works. One of its main interests is residential and social interest housing, so it has been involved in this issue investigating it to reactivate the areas where the projects are located and achieve works of greater impact in all senses. The book compiles sixteen of the projects that he has carried out throughout the fifteen years that his study takes. On the other hand, an interview with ideas, experiences, anecdotes, and in fl uences of the architect starts from the cover of the book, and moves to finish the book. Some photographs of the work team are interspersed and re fl ect the work of them that is indispensable for Zagorin. Thus, the book re fl ects the personality of the author.